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    Sliding Doors - EL301

    Supplier verified May 2014 | listing #7436
    The DORMA BWN EL301 is the benchmark for Australian automatic door operators, combining a proven mechanical platform and next generation technology the EL301 is a robust performer that delivers infinite control, smoother function and sleeker lines, providing design possibilities that are limited only by the imagination.

    The DORMA BWN EL301 automatic door operator is engineered to control and operate bi-parting and single slide framed and frameless glass sliding doors and is a proven performer in airports, shopping centres, supermarkets, hotels, hospitals, financial institutions, sports stadiums and many other commercial sites.

    The EL301 automatic operator is fully compliant with AS5007 and is certified by an independent NATA accredited laboratory.

    - Made In Australia
    - High Security Locking
    - Heavy Duty & Robust
    - Purpose Designed Motor
    - Fully Integrated UPS system
    - State-of-the-Art Electronics
    - “Smart Lock Technology”
    - Quiet & Smooth Operation
    - Smooth Curved Line Fascia
    - High Torque opening
    - Superior Performance
    - Customer Mode Pad
    - Customer Warning Alarms
    - Compatible for Retro-fits of Earlier Models
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    61-69 Patiki Road