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    XpressClad System

    Supplier verified August 2011 | listing #5199
    Introducing the latest in cavity and rain screen system featuring all aluminium profiles and Eterpan MD sheets, quick and easy to install.

    XpressClad is designed to raise the bar for negative detail cladding systems.

    It is designed to be used as an external wall cladding system for commercial and residential type buildings.

    The XpressClad rail system combines ease of installation with drained and vented cavities at every express joint.

    The Eterpan MD Cladding sheet has alternative fixing methods; PanelTak for a secret fix system, eliminating any possibility of screws popping and allows for pre-finished cladding sheets including a clear seal.

    XpressClad is a true flat surface; cupped sheets and visible over-flashing eliminated, even around window head flashings.

    The XpressClad system does not require double nogs or studs to back express joints. A considerable cost saving.

    XpressClad accommodates any colour choice. No LRV restraint to negative detail system.

    XpressClad is durable – 50 years on aluminium profiles and of course the Eterpan Cladding.

    Fully tested to NZS 4284/VM1 meets the performance criteria of NZBC E2.3.2, E2.3.5, B1.3.1, B1.3.2 and B1.3.4 for the relevant physical conditions of B1.3.3 and 2.3.1 (b) Branz appraisal pending.
    Refer to for dwg and pdf files.
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    Pacific Build Supply Ltd

    31 Arrenway Dr