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    SAFE-O-TRONIC® access - The next level of access control

    Supplier verified April 2014 | listing #38141
    Winner of the prestigious red dot design award, SAFE-O-TRONIC® access combines PIN code and RFID technology in a unique way setting new global standards in safeguarding and organising cabinets, safe-deposit boxes, lockers and furniture. Door solutions can also be integrated. Thanks to the inclusion of emerging NFC technology, managing access is even possible using mobile phones.

    A wide range of flexible options for organisation and use on cabinets and doors makes managing access even more efficient in any commercial property. You will be astonished how easily different user groups can be managed and how you can re-optimise your locking system at any time.

    Technical data:
    LS100 - PIN code
    LS200 - PIN code / RFID programming / RFID master code function
    LS300 - RFID / NFC with time function
    LS400 - Combined RFID / NFC and PIN code with time function

    Please email for more information or to arrange a demonstration.
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    Environmental Data

    Environmental Data

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
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    Eastern Design Centre, 16 Accent Drive

    East Tamaki