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    SIMSON ISR 70-03

    Supplier verified April 2011 | listing #35538
    SIMSON ISR 70-03 is a good compromise between an adhesive and a sealant. ISR 70-03 is suitable for making elastic constructive joints, which also require a high strength. ISR 70-03 is based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP). ISR 70-03 used with the Dual SMP® technology guarantees an increased and controlled cure speed and reliability in the production process and extends the application possibilities.

    - Bonding and Sealing of Precast, blockwork, aluminium, plasterboard, timber and most common building materials
    - Elastic bondings and sealings in e.g. bus-, caravan-, train- and truck construction.
    - Bonding and sealing of sunroof systems.
    - Bonding of roofs on busses, trains, trucks.
    - Bonding of corner profiles of aluminium or polyester on trailers.
    - Bonding of polyester parts on metal frames.
    - Bonding of floor systems.
    - Sealing welded seams.
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