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    HAWA Variotec 150/GV Operable Wall

    Supplier verified April 2014 | listing #34180
    HAWA-Variotec 150/GV is the king of cornering among the sliding hardware systems. The modular, pluggable track system follows your blueprint around every twist and bend. Sliding revolving doors and sliding swinging doors can be integrated at any desired point. A complete installation is a pleasure to behold, with an aesthetically shaped glass retainer profile that blends in with any nearby colour.

    -Perfected cornering technology with a modular track system that allows changes of direction from 15-90 degrees.
    -Top and bottom tracks can be bent to the customers specification
    -All components can be hidden out of sight
    -Options of with or without a bottom guide channel
    -Compact stacking area
    -Extensive accessories like seals, edge protection, locks, stationary glass.
    -Trolleys have two-point guide wheels for excellent silent running for door weights up to 150kg per panel

    Tachnical specification:
    -Max door weight = 150kg
    -Max door height = 3500mm
    -Glass thickness = 10-12.7mm

    HAWA = Made in Switzerland
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    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
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    Eastern Design Centre, 16 Accent Drive

    East Tamaki