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    Filterpure Housings

    Supplier verified February 2011 | listing #29531
    Filterpure cartridge filter housings provide safe and durable containers for your choice of cartridge filter element.
    Select from three sizes of housings to suit your flow requirements.
    A wise choice is usually two housings of the same size in series so that the first stage can remove large particles and sediment and the second stage can remove or reduce small particles, asbestos, taste and odour, and parasitic cysts.

    Features & Benefits:
    Filterpure housings are ideal for treating:
    - Mains water
    - Rain water
    - Dam Water
    - Ground water

    Features & Benefits:
    - NSF approval for your safety and peace of mind
    - High pressure ratings of 850 kPa for durability
    - A range of sizes and plumbing options for simple installation
    - Pressure release valves on larger models
    - Wall mounting brackets for secure installation and easy element changes
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    Environmental Data

    Environmental Data

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
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    Contact Details

    Davey Water Products Ltd

    7 Rockridge Avenue